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Data Center Colocation


OIT offers professionally managed green Data Center environments for IT computing equipment belonging to various campus departments (colocation). Shared Data Centers optimize campus energy and building space resources. Electricity and cooling are efficient, robust, and redundant.

Our Data Center management and colocation services follow industry standard best practices so you can focus on your department's mission instead of worrying about rack space, power, cooling, and secure access.


Relocating computing equipment and processes to the Data Center reduces energy costs and the carbon footprint, frees up space that currently houses local computing equipment, and allows staff resources to focus on core business activities. Other benefits include:

  • Reduction in system/service downtime
  • Reduction in system deployment time
  • Lower overall cost of localized data center space and associated systems
  • Secure access management
  • Compliance with the system and data protection requirements of research sponsors
  • Electrical system redundancy and reliability exceeding UTI Tier I
  • UPS and generator backup
  • Skilled Data Center team will provide installation and removal of customer equipment
  • High-touch network services
  • Remote hands for performing routine tasks
  • Sustainability


 Secure Access Management 

Physical security and 24/7 restricted access are provided by use of Facilities Management's card access system. Data Center facilities may also include locking IT racks with real-time activity door event monitoring.

 Customer Relocation Services 

OIT provides recommendations and logistical planning to successfully relocate IT equipment with the least amount of disruption or impact to customers' services. OIT may also assist in the physical relocation process for moving equipment into the colocation facility.

 IT Colocation Consulting Services 

Data Center Management offers both initial and ongoing consulting for the design of customer IT infrastructures to best leverage Data Center networks, power systems and/or other OIT service offerings.



There is no cost for this service.

Who can get it

Faculty, Staff and affiliates at CU Boulder.


How to get it

Fill out the Data Center Request for Information form to get started. If you have additional questions, please email