Large File Transfer

Last Updated: 02/08/2021


CU Boulder's Large File Transfer service is a web tool to send large files securely to any email address, on- or off- campus. This is a great solution for anyone sending large files, but particularly for researchers who share large datasets.

  • Effortlessly send files up to 100GB in size
  • Secure, confidential file delivery to any email address
  • Receive automatic notification of file receipt and download
  • Track all file deliveries
  • Simple web interface


  • Provides on-demand and automated secure file transfer capability
  • Offloading files from email systems, improving performance and reducing email storage
  • Increases data security and demonstrates compliance with certain federal grant restrictions
  • Replaces unsecure FTP options
  • Single file delivery to multiple recipients


The large file transfer service is provided as a common-good to the Boulder campus, which means there is no direct cost to you or your department

Who can get it

Accounts are automatically provisioned for all Boulder Campus faculty, staff and student employees.

How to get it

The service is web-based, so no downloads or client configuration is required. Log in with your primary email address (usually first.last and IdentiKey password at .