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Adobe Express/Spark

Announcement: Adobe Express will no longer be included with Creative Cloud Shared Device Access for Higher Education.


Users should set up a free account through Adobe and migrate their saved projects by September 30. This change does not impact students with a named user license (NUL) for the Creative Cloud All Apps plan or the Adobe Express for Higher Education. Learn more on Adobe's website.

Adobe Creative Cloud Synced files

Announcement: Discontinuation of Creative Cloud Synced files

2/1/2024 & 10/1/2024

Adobe is modernizing the Creative Cloud storage experience and will begin discontinuing Creative Cloud Synced files for business customers under Creative Cloud for Teams and Creative Cloud for Enterprise plans. If your you don't use Creative Cloud Synced Files, it won't affect you. Find out how you may be impacted

ArcGIS Online

Announcement: Recycle Bin Functionality Is Coming to ArcGIS Online


As part of the February update of ArcGIS Online, the recycle bin enhancement will be added to your ArcGIS Online organization. The recycle bin will allow you and item owners in your organization to access and restore deleted items for up to 14 days. Currently, it is not possible to recover deleted items in ArcGIS Online, and this new functionality will help you and your team mitigate the accidental deletion of items.