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SPSC N190 Transition Project


In early 2024, OIT performed an assessment of all data centers at CU Boulder in order to update our strategy, improve efficiency, and manage risk of our current data center organization. The assessment revealed that continuing with our current infrastructure could result in significant risks as well as hamper the growth of both the academic and research communities. As a result, OIT is moving forward with a plan to reorganize our data centers on campus and move select services to the University of Colorado Anschutz Data Center.

Current project phase 

OIT is currently meeting with key stakeholders to identify the best services to move to the Anschutz campus. After extensive planning, OIT will move forward with the actual moves with as little disruption as possible to the campus community. We will update this page with additional details on the timing of upcoming phases of this project. 


My equipment is located in SPSC N180. Will I be impacted by this project?

No action is required - only equipment located in SPSC N190 will need to be relocated.

Will I be required to physically relocate my equipment?

No, the OIT Data Center Team will be physically relocating the equipment at an agreed upon date and time.

Will I be required to re-IP my systems/deployment as part of this migration?

Depending on the selected site you may be required to re-IP your deployment, but OIT will inform you of the best course of action.

What is the expected downtime for my equipment during migration?

In most cases, downtime will be limited to the unracking, transport, and reracking of equipment as cabling and network services will already be in place at the new location. OIT will communicate expected downtimes when we have a plan in place.