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Email Lists

CU Boulder offers a variety of mechanisms for sending university-related email messages in bulk to groups of faculty, staff or students. Carefully evaluate the available bulk email mechanisms to ensure you have selected the tool appropriate to the task at hand.


  • CU Boulder Today: CU Boulder's electronic newsletter captures campus news, important announcements, campus events and the stories that inform our campus conversation.
  • eCommunications: CU Boulder's cCommunications team supports campus communicators with a full suite of CRM tools including Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, and Cvent to help engage audiences effectively and efficiently. (This service is administered by Strategic Relations and Communications).
  • Buff Bulletin Board: A site that is a listing of notices, training/seminars, jobs, campus services and events.
  • Administrative E-memo: Single-subject message which can be sent to specifically targeted groups, for university business. (This service is administered by Strategic Relations and Communications).
  • Course Roster Email:  portal-based email mechanism which allows a faculty member to send an email to all students registered for their class.
  • Exchange Distribution Lists: Exchange-based capabilities including AD group mailing lists, security permissions, and group invitations to calendar events.
  • Google Groups: Google provides email distribution list capability through the Groups app.

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CU Boulder Today, eCommunications, Buff Bulletin Board, Course Roster Emails, Exchange Distribution lists, and Google Groups are provided as common-good services to the campus which means there is no direct cost to list owners or list subscribers.

Administrative E-memos may have a charge associated with them, paid for by the department or individual sending the message. There is no subscription fee charged to readers of the Administrative E-memos.