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Cable Television - FAQ

What is the minimum hardware requirement required to view programming on CU’s cable system?

The minimum hardware that is required is an HD compatible television. Most importantly, the television must be outfitted with a “digital cable” or QAM” tuner and not just an “ATSC” tuner that only works with digital channels that are received by an antenna.

How do I set up my television to receive the cable channels?

Each television has a menu that needs to be accessed to scan for all available channels. Unfortunately, each brand of television has its own process so we are not able to provide a process that will work for all brands. This process can be found in the television’s owner’s manual.

Where can I find a list of what channels are available?

THe entire linup can be found on the channel lineup page.

When I do an auto-scan for channels, I only receive channels 50 and 51. Furthermore, neither of these have audio. Is my connection bad?

If you are only picking up these two channels, the problem is either with your television or in the settings when you started the scan process. Channels 50 and 51 were added (with no audio) to the CU lineup for test purposes only. They are our only two analog channels and were put in to show if the service at the location is working. All other channels are digital.

My television says it works with cable television and it is a new digital set. How can the problem be with my television?

This can sometimes be confusing. There are some manufacturers put out digital-capable sets, the digital tuners are only set up to receive “off-air” digital while cable channels can only be picked up if analog. CU is 100% digital other than the two analog test channels (with no audio) at 50 and 51.

My television accepts HD so why are some programs or channels still in SD?

All of CU’s channels are capable of delivering HD but content is completely determined by the individual programmer. If they only provide certain content in SD, that is how it needs to go out.

Why do the channel numbers include a period – or a dash?

Due to technology differences between analog and digital television, multiple digital channels can fit within what used to be a single channel. This can to some extent be thought of in the way that FM radio is delivered.

Why does my television either only pick up nine channels or stops recognizing anything after channel 33 or 34?

We have found that there are some television brands out that experience these problems. This is a problem with the television and does not indicate a problem with CU’s cable system. In these cases, the manufacturer might be able to provide help if you provide them with model number and approximate date of purchase.

Can a laptop with a cable tuner installed be used to watch television?

Yes - providing this tuner is set to work with digital cable – known as QAM.