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Canvas - Feature Options

What are Canvas Feature Options?

Canvas feature options are optional settings available for instructors to enable or disable as they like in their course settings. Some features may be marked as “Feature Preview” indicating they are not yet fully developed and Canvas is working on improving their functionality and will continue to see updates to their functionality as you use them.

Benefit of using Canvas Feature Options

Canvas feature options provide instructors with additional control and granularity for how courses are configured to help facilitate teaching and learning and engagement with their students. Enabling “Feature Preview” options allows instructors to explore and test new and upcoming Canvas features before they’re fully deployed as default functionality in Canvas.

How can I use Canvas Feature Options?

Once a feature option tool becomes available in Canvas, it is evaluated by OIT’s Academic Technology team. If approved for use in our global instance, the feature will become available to all CU Canvas instructors within their course.

To enable a tool from your course home page:

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Click the Feature Options tab.
  3. Find the feature option you would like to enable.
  4. Click the state icon to the right of the tool to toggle the feature on or off for the course.

Feature options must be turned on or off for each course. For more detailed instructions on using new features in Canvas, see the How do I manage new features for a course?  tutorial in Canvas Community.

Please Note: If a tool is set as “On,” it is already available in your course. If a tool is set to “Off,” it hasn’t been enabled for CU Boulder yet. If you would like to explore a tool that hasn’t been enabled, contact the IT Service Center at or 303-735-5419.  

Current Feature Options

Final Grade Override
Moderated Grading
  • Moderated Grading allows anyone with assignment creation permissions to assign one or multiple specific graders to an assignment submission, review the assignment grades before they are released to students, and select which grade should be set as the final grade for each student.
  • Learn more: What feature options are currently available for Canvas courses?
Anonymous Grading
Anonymous Instructor Annotations
Default to New Quizzes
  • Instructors interested in New Quizzes are strongly encouraged to reach out to the Academic Technology Consulting team before enabling this feature or transitioning from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes. 
  • This feature option sets New Quizzes as the default quizzing engine and removes the ability to create Classic Quizzes. Access will not be removed for viewing content or data for Classic Quizzes. When creating a quiz from the “+Quiz” button it will take you to the Assignment Edit page rather than open the window to Choose a Quiz Engine.
  • Learn more: 
Discussions/Announcements Redesign
ePub Exporting
New Quizzes
  • This feature option makes Canvas’ “New Quizzes” assessment tool available in the Canvas course.
  • Instructors interested in New Quizzes are strongly encouraged to reach out to the Academic Technology Consulting team for additional consultation and training.
  • Learn more: New Quizzes Hub
Outcome Service Results to Canvas Reporting
  • Allows for Canvas Outcomes results to be made available to Administrative Canvas reporting
  • Learn more: What are Outcomes?
Student Learning Mastery Gradebook


You may experience issues with feature options. If you do, contact the IT Service Center at or (303) 735-4357 to let us know. For consultation on these tools, contact OIT’s Academic Technology Consultants.