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Email Forwarding

Automatic email forwarding advisory 

While CU Boulder still permits admin and automatic email forwarding on student, alumni, and retiree accounts, email forwarding is becoming less reliable for all users across all platforms as major commercial email providers are enforcing tougher security measures.

  • CU Boulder is not disabling email forwarding for Students, Alumni, and Retirees.
  • Stricter validation requirements for sending emails have made forwarding unreliable and in some cases non-functional.
  • CU Boulder cannot guarantee that forwarded email will reach the intended recipient.
  • We recommend that all users stop forwarding mail through addresses, particularly to Google, Yahoo or Apple.

What you should do instead of forwarding email

Why is this happening?

Google, Yahoo and Apple are enforcing higher security standards to increase protection against malicious senders that spoof known domains to illegally obtain private and confidential information. Authentication chains can be broken during message forwarding, increasing the likelihood of a message being bounced by a receiving service that is in compliance with the higher standards.  

Even if CU could guarantee the authentication chain was intact, CU does not control the standards in place by the sending domain, which may also fail to meet Google, Yahoo and Apple’s standards.  

How do I change or remove my forward?

Contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 or