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Google Workspace

Google Workspace apps including Groups, Chat, Drive and Sites makes online collaboration more effective. Plus, everyone on our campus has a Google account tied to their IdentiKey account; no more guessing if the person on the other end has compatible programs to view, comment and edit documents. 

Because of Google's decision to end unlimited storage for the academic community, OIT recommends using Google Workspace Apps for collaboration and communication, but not for storage. Learn more about current Google Storage limitations.


There is no direct cost for Google Workspace.

How do I log into my Google Workspace account?

To access Google Workspace you must use a combination of your and IdentiKey password at or any core Google Workspace login page.

Although Google asks for your “Email”, the system cannot support the use of your as a username. Instead, use your Identikey username (e.g. buff1234 to log into the service. Once you are in the system you can use your preferred email address (usually to share resources.

*Note: If you have separate Google Account logged in, you may need to click the Choose Account arrow icon, in order to sign in with your account.

What core applications do I receive?

Faculty, Staff, and Students receive the following Google Workspace applications:

Additional Applications

In addition to the core applications mentioned above, CU Boulder has enabled many other applications that are not considered "core" by Google. For a descriptions and help information for all campus enabled applications please visit the Google Application Descriptions page.

*Note: Not all Google provided applications are enabled on the CU Boulder campus, due to a variety of factors. For more information on these factors, please visit the Enabling Google Applications for CU Boulder page.


Storage limits and managing your account

Faculty, Staff and Students provisioned with a Google Workspace account have a storage limit of 5 gigabytes (GB). If you go above the storage limit, your account activity will be limited until you get under that quota. 

When you leave the university, your Google account will be deleted, so it's important to save documents that you'd like to keep before that content is gone. Similarly, if a departing colleague or recent alum has shared files with you that you'd like to keep, be sure to save them to your own drive or a different storage solution before the files are gone. 

Visit OIT's Manage your storage and Review and save files pages for guidance on: 

Manage your storage

  • Checking your storage usage
  • Understanding the difference between My Drive and Shared with me
  • Sorting by file size to delete large files 
  • Deleting files and emptying trash to free up space

Review and save files

  • Checking recently accessed files
  • Looking through files Shared with me
  • Searching by file owner
  • Saving content in collaborative folders

Google Workspace Accessibility

CU Boulder is committed to providing help information and assistance with campus services for all users, including those with accessibility concerns. Google Workspace accessibility considerations, information for content creators, information for content consumers, alternatives/workarounds, and more can be found on the Google Workspace Accessibility page.

Help Resources

Google Provided

For information on the core applications, visit the following web pages: