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Canvas Data - Interactions Report

What is the Interactions Report?

The interactions report will display a summary of your "interactions" with an individual student. 

An interaction is defined as messages sent using the Conversations tool and comments on assignments.

In addition you will be able to see the last time you interact with the student, the current grade for the student, the final grade for the student, and if there any submitted but ungraded assignments for the student.

You will also be able to quickly access the Conversations page to send a message to the student.

How do I access the Interactions Report?

To access the course access report navigate to People tab. Then either search or scroll until you find the student. Click the user's Options icon, the three vertical dots, and select User Details. On the following screen click the Interactions Report link or button.

For more information, including screenshots please refer to Canvas' support document: How do I view my course interactions with an individual student?

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