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Auxiliary AV Service


The Auxiliary Audio Visual (AV) Service provides consultation, design, installation, control programming, service coordination, equipment sales, maintenance, support and repair of AV systems in departmental spaces; this is provided on a fee-for-service basis, as well as AV equipment rental and AV support based on staffing availability. If you are unsure if your space is departmentally scheduled, please use our AV Service Request form to submit an AV Service Request (Unknown) and we will be able to assist you.


  • AV Consultation, Design, Installation, Control Programming and Service Coordination
  • AV Support: Event/Classroom Support, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Repair
    • Student and Staff technicians provided to support your campus event
    • Troubleshooting and repairing AV equipment
    • Maintenance support such as projector bulb replacement and filter cleaning
  • AV Equipment Sales
    • Identify AV equipment for your needs
    • Order and receive AV equipment for pickup at your convenience
    • Equipment delivery (fees apply)
  • AV Service Request (unknown)
    • If you are unsure of your requested service, please submit an AV Service Request Form and select AV Service Request (Unknown). We are happy to answer any questions for you.


Costs for the Auxiliary AV Service are based on the actual price of the equipment purchased, plus General Administrative and Infrastructure Recharge (GAIR), and hourly labor rates associated to your request (Minimum 0.5 hour Service Coordination charge and 0.5 labor charge). If you have any questions about the cost of a request feel free to send an AV Service Request (Unknown) using our AV Service Request Form.

Audio Visual Integration and Support Service Rates, Fiscal Year 2023-2024

Type of SupportCost
Student Technician$22.10
AV Specialist$90
Project Coordinator$95
Project Manager$115
AV Engineer$126

Service Descriptions

AV Consultation, Design, Installation, Programming and Service Coordination

Learning Spaces Technology (LST) can provide Consultation, Design, Installation, Programming and Service Coordination for AV systems. This includes designing AV systems to suit your needs, installing AV systems in a professional manner, programming AV control systems to function as you desire, and coordinating small to large scale AV installation projects. Upon completion of an installation, a training session will be provided to the users of the space. Self-support documentation for standard classroom technology in auxiliary spaces will be provided per request and charged to the customer as part of the installation. Service level agreements can be negotiated for ongoing service and support coordination (Service Level agreement information).

AV Support: Event/Classroom Support, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Repair

With 2 full business days notice, Student and Staff technicians can be scheduled to provide AV support for events or assist with supporting AV technology in departmental classrooms based on available resources. Rates will depend on the level of staffing requested and we have listed the staffing rates above. Weekend events can be scheduled at a minimum 4 hour charge per day requested. All AV Support requests will include a one hour service coordination fee associated with scheduling a technician to support your event, plus labor requested.

AV Maintenance, troubleshooting and repair requests will be reviewed by a staff support technician and assigned to the staffing level needed to resolve the requested service. This can be either Student or Staff technicians and will be charged at the staffing rates above. AV equipment maintenance can include but is not limited to projector bulb replacement, cable replacement, firmware updates, and equipment configuration changes.

AV Equipment Sales 

LST can identify AV components to suit your needs, order the equipment and receive it for you. With customer pickup, you’ll pay equipment costs and GAIR on items ordered. Any additional time spent may be charged to your department including but not limited to engineering consultation or delivery to campus locations. Your items can be picked up from Folsom Stadium Gate 6, Room 142 (during regular business hours). LST maintains a Classroom Standards Equipment List containing equipment that can be purchased that meets Learning Spaces Technology Classroom Standards.

AV Equipment rental

Audio Visual Equipment can be rented directly from the Events Planning & Catering website.

AV Service Request (Unknown)

If you are unsure what category your request falls under or if you are unsure if your space is supported, please submit an AV Service Request Form and select AV Service Request (Unknown) from the service request type dropdown menu. We will be happy to help you identify what services you require.


How to get it

This service is available to Faculty, Staff and affiliates on the CU Boulder campus. 

To request any AV service listed above, please fill out the AV Service Request form and select the appropriate type of service from the dropdown menu. If you feel that your request does not fit any of the categories listed above, please select AV Service Request (Unknown). If the speedtype is known, please provide it at the time of your request to expedite the billing process.

*Note: Work cannot begin until a speedtype is provided in the Request form or ServiceNow case (initial consultations excluded).

How to get support

Contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 or email to request OIT Auxiliary AV support. A departmental speedtype must be provided for billing purposes. You can also submit the AV Service Request form and select AV Service Request (Unknown) for any questions you may have.

Learning Spaces Technology

OIT’s Learning Spaces Technology (LST) team provides support for technology equipped classrooms, as well as defining, revisiting, and revising technology standards for teaching and learning spaces. LST also supports: