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PlayPosit - FAQ and Best Practices

General FAQ

What should I know about the migration to PlayPosit 3.0?

PlayPosit has overhauled their software for better user experience and added features including adjustable video speeds, analytics, interaction improvements, and searchable transcripts. See PlayPosit's Migration FAQ and PlayPosit 3.0 Resources for more information

What will happen to content I've already uploaded when PlayPosit migrates to version 3.0?

All of your previous content has been preserved, however, you may have to copy bulbs into the new format. Learn how to import bulbs from classic view to PlayPosit 3.0.

What is an interactive video quiz?

Viewers are prompted to answer quiz questions at different points of viewing a video, testing their understanding of the different concepts discussed in the video.

The integration of quiz questions directly into a video while it is being viewed allows for a streamlined, cohesive form of assessment based on video content.

How do I get started with PlayPosit?

PlayPosit is available at You can also integrate it within Canvas

Support for PlayPosit is provided by OIT and the vendor. Submit questions or concerns to or Review tutorials/guides in PlayPosit's Knowledge Base. Live chat is available between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. MST within PlayPosit.

What video sources can I use with PlayPosit?
  • Canvas Studio
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
What question types are available within PlayPosit?
  • Multiple Choice
  • Free Response
  • Reflective Pause
  • Check all that apply
  • Discussion Forum
  • Website Link
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Jump to a point on the video timeline
How do I share an in-video quiz?

Use the Integrating PlayPosit within Canvas tutorial to share PlayPosit video bulbs with students in your Canvas course.

You can also share video with colleagues by clicking on the Share button located within the video bulb. Learn more about the process of sharing PlayPosit video bulbs.

How do I get additional support with PlayPosit?

Support for PlayPosit is provided by the vendor. Submit questions or concerns to Schedule a consultation with Salima Noorani, Director of School Success for Playposit. You can also review tutorials/guides in the PlayPosit Knowledge Base. Live chat is available between 8 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. MST within PlayPosit.

PlayPosit Best Practices

Get organized before you begin.
  • Brainstorm how the video content will be used with questions to best support your learning objectives.
  • Set clear goals and learning objectives for the video; then explain these at the beginning of the video as a reflective pause question type.
Create a script for your narration and speak slowly.
  • Know your audience; use terminology and concepts they will understand.
  • Don’t mix spoken word and on-screen text as students can’t absorb both.
  • Create a caption file for the videos. For assistance, contact the campus captioning service at
Place questions right after the relevant content in the video, and not all at the end of the video.

Make video learning active and interactive by asking questions and giving feedback.

Place questions at even intervals throughout the video.

Break videos longer than 10 minutes into shorter, separate videos that build upon previous concepts.
  • Keep instructional videos short as research suggests that students’ attention wanes after 5 minutes.
  • Step-by-step demonstrations engage students’ attention better than “talking head” videos.
Get feedback from your students.

When soliciting feedback, be very specific on what you are looking for and when the feedback should be provided.

Advice when using the Free Response (FR) question type.

When using the Free Response (FR) question type, we recommend that you place a Reflective Pause (RP) question type on the front of the bulb. This RP question can address any concerns student may have before the bulb is begun.