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eduroam Secure Wireless

What is eduroam?

The eduroam service is an international secure federated access service, allowing for members of participating institutions to access a secure wireless network when on the CU Boulder campus or one of the hundreds of other institutions in both the United States and world-wide.

Learn more about eduroam by watching the what is eduroam? animation or visiting the eduroam website.

Connecting to eduroam

In order to initially connect to the eduroam SSID, CU Boulder faculty, staff and students need to install software for security and compatibility purposes. Get started by referring to the following download and documentation links:

Operating SystemDownloadDocumentation
  Windowseduroam Windows configuration clientWindows - Setup and Connect to eduroam
  macOSeduroam Mac configuration clientMacintosh - Setup and Connect to eduroam
  Linuxeduroam Linux configuration client

Needed login credentials:

  • Username:
  • Password: IdentiKey password
  iPhoneeduroam iOS configuration clientiOS - Setup and Connect to eduroam
  Androideduroam Android configuration clientAndroid - Setup and Connect to eduroam

After the configuration and login, eduroam can simply be selected from your wireless options to connect, if not automatically connected to the network.

Why do I need to install software to connect?

The software needed for connecting to eduroam (SecureW2 onboarding agent and SafeConnect Policy Key) serve a few important purposes to ensure secure connections. SecureW2 onboarding agent configures the eduroam network and prevents person-in-the-middle attacks, while the SafeConnect Policy Key ensures device hardware, software and security compatibility. More detailed information about the software and its purpose can be found on the eduroam FAQ page.

Visitors to the University

Campus visitors from institutions participating in eduroam can simply select eduroam from their operating system Wi-Fi options and connect to eduroam using their institution's credentials. You may need to download your institution's eduroam installer from the eduroam website or your institution's system. If you experience any issues with while visiting CU Boulder, please contact your home institution's service desk. 

Campus visitors not from a participating institution should use the UCB Guest wireless service.



  • Secure, encrypted wireless connection
  • Available while visiting hundreds of participating institutions
  • Compatibility with all major computer and device operating systems
  • Access to campus resources (library resources, shared files, servers)

Who can get it

eduroam is available to all CU Boulder affiliates with an active IdentiKey, as well as users from participating institutions.

How to get it

Users must install the eduroam configuration client for their device prior to connecting to eduroam. Refer to the table above for step-by-step instructions on connecting to eduroam.