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Faculty Computer Purchase Program

How the Program Works

  • The Faculty Computer Purchase Program assists faculty in obtaining current computing technology, to help support faculty academic endeavors
  • Faculty are eligible for an FCPP subsidy of $1,200 for a new computer every fourth year
  • Eligible faculty (and department liaisons) for the new fiscal year are notified by email in July
  • Faculty order their own computer through CU Marketplace, then request reimbursement from FCPP
  • Request deadline is May 31

Secure Computing 

Secure computing standards identify the minimum requirements for all University-owned computers and servers. CU Boulder has adopted these standards to increase the integrity and security of University data and the shared information technology environment. When you procure a new Dell or Apple computer, you don't have to worry about whether you're meeting secure computing standards - all models bought through CU Marketplace and FCPP meet CU Boulder's Secure Computing standard. Learn more about Secure Computing for CU Boulder. 


CU Boulder faculty are eligible for an FCPP subsidy of $1,200 for a new computer every fourth year. Departments are responsible for the difference in cost if the computer exceeds $1,200.

Who can get it

Eligible CU Boulder faculty members. Faculty eligible to participate will be notified via email in July of the current fiscal year. If you are unsure whether you are eligible, please email

If you are an eligible faculty member, you can find when you are next eligible to receive FCPP reimbursement funds by searching for your Employee ID or name on the current FCPP Eligibility Schedule (For any errors or updates on the schedule, please contact

Faculty can also work with their departments FCPP Liaison for any schedule changes.

How to get it