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OnTheHub Software Ordering - FAQ

FAQs for all campuses

Why do I need to include my billing address for SpeedType orders?

While a billing address is not normally required for SpeedType orders, an address is required to complete an OnTheHub purchase. You can enter your campus address; you do not need to use your home address.

What is OnTheHub Provided Software?

OnTheHub offers products that are not sponsored by OIT. These may be found on the "OnTheHub Provided Software" tab or they may appear in a Product Search. If you’re looking specifically for OIT sponsored software, select the OIT Provided Software tab.

Select OIT Provided Software when logged into OnTheHub


I want to order software on behalf of others (proxy ordering)

Proxy orders are currently not supported from OnTheHub. If you are placing an order for multiple individuals, send an email to and include the product name, list of individuals with their email address, IdentiKeys for each individual (Boulder only), and a SpeedType for charging the license cost.

I’m an Alumni or Retiree, can I still purchase software from OnTheHub?

The licensing rules for all OIT Provided Software from OnTheHub requires the consumer must be an active faculty, staff or student. Alumni and retirees are not eligible to purchase or use the software provided by OIT. You may still purchase other software products sold by the OnTheHub eStore.

FAQs for Boulder

Why is my university affiliation important for purchasing software?

Who can use a licenses is often limited by the software supplier. Your university affiliation determines which software products you are eligible to purchase. For example:

  • If your affiliation is Faculty or Staff, your landing page will show the products entitled to your affiliation.
  • If your affiliation is Student, your landing page will show products entitled to students.
  • If your affiliation includes both Staff and Student, you will be presented with products entitled to both groups.
What if I think my affiliation is wrong?

If you believe that your OnTheHub affiliation is incorrect (e.g., the landing page you see is Faculty/Staff, but you’re a student) contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 or email

What is the difference between Adobe Creative Cloud ETLA and Adobe Creative Cloud?

If your affiliation is Faculty or Staff, the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription page will show two products:

Screenshot of adobe create cloud etla and adobe creative cloud
  • Adobe Creative Cloud ETLA: A Named User license for individuals.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: A Shared Device license that is primarily used in labs or classrooms.
Can I purchase an Adobe Shared Device license with a credit card?

The only purchase option for orders including an Adobe Shared Device license is to pay by SpeedType, even if the order includes other products because Shared Device licenses are for department use only. If you want to purchase other products using a different option (e.g., a credit card), then you will need to place separate orders.

FAQs for Anschutz, Colorado Springs, and Denver

I do not see CU Boulder Provided Software listed when I log into OnTheHub

Your eligibility to order software from OnTheHub expires after 12 months. However, if you’re still authorized to use OnTheHub, you can request your eligibility to be extended:

  1. Sign in to OnTheHub (if you are not signed in already).
  2. Click the arrow beside your username in the top-right corner, then click Your Account/Orders.
  3. Go to the Eligibility tab.
  4. Click Request Additional Eligibility.
  5. Provide an active email address issued by your organization
  6. Click the Continue button
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue through the registration process.