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Standard Computer Hardware and Software


The campus standards below are intended to provide for a successful computing experience at CU Boulder, for students, faculty and staff.

Standard Computers

OIT recommendations for purchasing a new computer, customized to your needs.

Computer Peripherals

Guidance on using and purchasing peripherals such as monitors, docks, webcams, and headsets.

Student Shopping List

A basic shopping list for students to be prepared when arriving to CU Boulder campus.

Software Catalog

List of standard software available at CU Boulder.

Software Lifecycle

A guide to know when it is time to retire/upgrade a software application.

Using an Existing or Used Computer

If you want to use an existing or used computer on campus, refer to the  Supported Software and Hardware list. This list of minimum standards communicates what the IT Service Center, Buff Techs, and Dedicated Desktop Support will support.

Purchasing Non-Standard hardware

Although it is strongly encouraged to purchase standard hardware, there are cases where a non-standard purchase may be required. To make a non-standard purchase, follow the steps below.

  1. Review Standard Hardware and Software and ensure your needs are not met by Standard Equipment and adhere to Secure Computing for CU Boulder.
  2. Submit a request for OIT Asset Management to review. Provide a business justification for the non-standard equipment as well as specs, costs, and warranty information.
  3. OIT Asset Management will review and approve if the requirements are met. If approved, OIT will send you an approval letter.
  4. Submit a request to the PSC including the approval letter provided by OIT.


If you are using a smartphone to connect to OIT services, use iPhone or Android phones. OIT support is limited to Microsoft O365, Google Mail, UCB Wireless, and basic device troubleshooting.

Additional Information