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DDS – 2022/2023 Academic Year Service Changes


The purpose of this document is to highlight the scope of Dedicated Desktop Support (DDS) service. 

"Remote First" Philosophy

While some problems require in-person troubleshooting or meetings with customers, the majority of support requests will begin with remote consultation. This model expedites resolution of many IT issues. In-person consultations are still used when needed.

Software Self-Service Capabilities

Many software applications can be installed using the DDS self-service software portals available for both Mac and Windows computers.Our customers should have a shortcut to these portals on their desktops. These allow our customers to install and upgrade software themselves, without needing administrator privileges. For software not available in these portals, we will assist you with the installation of that software.

Computers may power off or hibernate due to issues beyond the span of our control 

We will perform problem isolation remotely with you. If it is determined that the computer may be powered off, we will request that you verify the power status of the affected computer. Our DDS technicians can resume remote problem isolation and resolution at that point.

You may be unable to connect to internet services at home due to issues with your ISP or Home Network

While working on campus, your wired and wireless network is maintained by OIT. When working remotely, you rely on the network in your home to reach the internet and CU resources. We will take steps to help you remotely isolate internet access issues. If we suspect a problem with your internet service provider (ISP) or your home network, you will be referred to your ISP for support.

Operating System Deployment Capabilities

If an operating system or application issue cannot be successfully resolved, a re-image of the computer may be required. Additionally, any new computers that need to be deployed, will also need to be imaged before they can be used. If a re-image of your computer is required, we may need to arrange an on-campus appointment to retrieve the equipment from you. Please understand that in-person re-images may require you to be without your equipment for a few days. In these instances, DDS can provide a loaner laptop. 

DDS also has tools to facilitate user-initiated remote deployments for both Mac and Windows OS on new and existing systems. A remote appointment will need to be made to verify all data is successfully backed up to OneDrive. Follow the tutorials below to set up your Mac or PC:

DDS is unable to remotely deploy loaner computers to customers 

In the event of a critical failure with your supported computer, we will offer a loaner computer, if available, to use while yours is repaired. We will arrange to meet you at a campus location to perform the deployment. 

Apple *does not* dispatch support for hardware problems 

If your Apple device requires a hardware repair, options are limited. Apple does not dispatch support to customer locations for hardware problems. As a result, you will be instructed to take your university-owned computer to the Apple Store or Digitiqe for necessary hardware repairs.

Dell *does* dispatch support for hardware problems 

If your Dell device requires a hardware repair, Dell will dispatch support to customer locations, including home residences for remote users. Your DDS technician can coordinate any on-campus dispatches needed. For repairs occurring at your residence, we will ask that you initiate the dispatch with Dell. This way, you can accurately provide your address and act as the main point of contact for scheduling.

Accessories for working at home

You may find that you need an extra cable or adapter while working from home. We can assist you in identifying the proper accessory for purchase through the CU Marketplace. DDS cannot provide physical setup of devices or peripherals off-campus. We will provide best-effort remote support for managed devices and peripherals that are off-campus, but if the issue cannot be easily resolved, you may be asked to bring the equipment to campus for further testing and troubleshooting.