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What is OIT Dedicated Desktop Support?

DDS is an OIT service that provides professional technical support for university-owned computing devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, printers and multifunction devices (combined copier/scanner/printers). DDS will also help connect personally-owned smartphones to university resources.

DDS offers ongoing technical support and maintenance for devices running supported Windows or Apple operating systems, and many common  business applications.

Support includes recommendation, installation, testing, and troubleshooting of computer systems and peripherals within established campus standards and industry best practices. Professional assistance includes timely troubleshooting to diagnose and resolve unique, non-recurring issues. Recurring problems will be addressed through an established problem resolution process, which strives to address underlying causes, develop resolutions and identify workarounds when applicable.

Will I always see the same technicians?

The majority of the time, you will see your primary technician. When your technician is unavailable, you will see another member of your local support team. Occasionally, when your entire local team is occupied, you may see a member of one of the other Dedicated Desktop Support teams.

Who are the Desktop Teams?

There are five Dedicated Desktop Support teams geographically dispersed to provide quick response times across campus. Each team consists of one Team Manager and multiple DDS Professionals. The Team Manager is responsible for providing advanced technical direction and leadership for the DDS Professionals on their respective teams.

How can I get the fastest support?

DDS has a guaranteed 2 and 4 hour initial response, depending on the severity of the situation. However, we strive to respond much sooner.

The quickest way to get support is to use the “Get Desktop Support” icon on your desktop. You may also open a web browser and navigate to our DDS Service Request Portal ( This will notify your support team of the issue and level of urgency. If your primary technician is unavailable or assisting another customer, other technicians from the team can quickly respond.

Dedicated Desktop Support customers may also contact an analyst at the IT Service Center by calling 303-735-2766, or by emailing It is important to indicate that you are a Dedicated Desktop Support customer so the IT Service Center can immediately notify your DDS team to respond.

How can I provide feedback on the service I receive?

Please email and direct feedback about the service to Brandon Brunetti (Program Manager of DDS), Jeff Greene (Director of User Services), or one of the Team Managers. The Team Managers are: Dan Le (East Campus – Marine Street Science Center), Kevin Dicken (West Campus – Eaton Humanities), Mike Miller (Central Campus – Norlin Library), Brandon Brunetti (Engineering – Folsom Stadium), and Bob Gallardo (Regent).

Is there a cost for DDS?

DDS is a generally-funded service for academic departments and considered a common good.

For auxiliaries, the cost is $73/month, which is based on a combination of the number of customers (people) within a department or group (regardless of how many devices a customer has) along with the number of shared computers and devices, if applicable. FTE percentage of a person is not considered in this context (e.g., half-time employees), nor is the distinction between employees and students, because the device must be managed to the same standard regardless of how often it is used throughout the work week.

The total number of customers and devices in each department will be revisited annually.

Is my university-owned device eligible for DDS support?

DDS can manage and support Dell and Apple computers purchased through the CU Marketplace that meet our Minimum Performance Computer Standards. Additionally, DDS can support iOS devices purchased through the CU Marketplace.

DDS has the right to refuse support on devices that do not meet our standards.

How does DDS provide support?

While some problems require in-person troubleshooting or meetings with customers, the majority of support requests will begin with a remote consultation. The determination as to whether a problem requires an on-site visit will be made by the technician. Your technician can invite you to a remote support session where, with your permission, they can share and take control of your screen. 

For more details on the DDS support model, please visit the DDS Service Changes page.

Do I need to be present at my computer for support?

Yes. For both in-person and remote support sessions, there are many reasons why a customer needs to be present at their computer: authentication into services, answering questions for the technician, validating that the problem has been resolved to your satisfaction, etc.

Does DDS support department-specific applications?

DDS can fully support the standard software provided by the campus. For department-specific software, DDS provides best-effort support. We can help determine whether the computer meets the software requirements, as well as perform installation of the software following the vendor’s instructions. We will ask you or your department to work with the vendor for any additional application support.

Can DDS assist with office moves?

DDS can assist with individual, small-scale office moves. Typically, this is for a customer moving to another office within their department. For far, logistically difficult, or large-scale office moves, your department will need to coordinate with Facilities Management or a 3rd party moving company. For these instances, DDS can assist with the disconnecting and reconnecting of cables and peripherals.