File Transfer, Storage, and Infrastructure

Last Updated: 03/05/2020
Service Who May Get It Features
UCB Files Faculty, staff, and student employees
  • Individual file storage spaces
  • Group file storage spaces for collaboration
  • Revision history available on files
Large File Transfer Service Boulder Campus Faculty, Staff, and Student Employees
  • Effortlessly send files up to 100GB in size
  • Secure, confidential file delivery to any email address
  • Receive automatic notification of file receipt and download
  • Track all file deliveries
  • Simple web interface
Host-based Intrusion Detection Software Server administrators
  • Host-based intrusion detection software is required on all highly confidential data servers and recommended for all Internet facing servers.
  • OIT provides two no-cost solutions: Tripwire for Windows, Linux and Unix servers. OSSEC for Macintosh.