Legacy Web Publishing

Last Updated: 03/22/2018

Legacy Server Retirement

OIT has partnered with University Communications to manage a legacy web environment that pre-dates our preferred campus web publishing options. The www-legacy server is being decommissioned in July 2018. If you still maintain a website on this server, you must make arrangements to move these files to another service before July 2018.

Learn more about the Legacy Server Retirement Project.


Features of existing legacy websites:

  • Hosted on one of our servers, spot.colorado.edu or rintintin.colorado.edu
  • Supports HTML files and Perl/CGI scripts
  • LAMP tools are not available.

Instead of Legacy, we recommend the following supported campus web publishing services:

If you have questions, or would like to be consulted, sign up for a Web Consultation with Strategic Relations.

How to get it

For existing departmental sites on legacy

Management of your legacy web directory can be requested by filling out the Legacy Web Publishing Support form.

About the name Legacy

The names "spot", "rintintin", and "legacy" all refer to the same basic web publishing service. The first two are historic names of our servers, and we have started labeling the service "legacy" after we implemented a new web infrastructure.

Permissions for Your Legacy Website

If you don't have access to edit files, or you'd like to grant access to a fellow editor, check out the General Permissions Guide and the Group Write Permissions Guide.

Additional Resources

Learn more about how to connect to your legacy website, along with other helpful tips and tricks for development in our Help Guide.