Last Updated: 11/26/2018

What is it?

Coursera is an online learning environment for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

How to get it?

Users can sign up for a free Coursera account on the Coursera website.

Learners can then search or browse the catalog to find courses that meet their interests, or visit the University of Colorado Boulder's Coursera webpage to access the courses we offer.

Instructors who would like to offer a course through Coursera should contact Quentin McAndrew, Special Assistant Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives. 

How to get support?

Learners can visit the Learner Help Center to access the Help Articles.

Instructors and course content creators can access help documentation and submit requests for support directly to Coursera through the Coursera Partner Help Center.

Coursera Accessibility

CU Boulder is committed to providing help, information, and assistance with campus services for all users, including those with accessibility concerns. Coursera accessibility considerations, information for assistive technology users, service roadmap, and more can be found on the Coursera Accessibility page.