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IT Security

Last Updated: 04/03/2017


The IT Security Office (ITSO) provides strategic and tactical planning for a security framework applied to both the campus and OIT environment.  The ITSO provides an information risk management (IRM) function to support a secure campus IT environment including discovery and recommendation of security solutions, and developing security policies, procedures and standards.The IRM function also includes planning, oversight, and coordination for data integrity and privacy, disaster recovery, network security, incident response, and policy enforcement activities.

Security Awareness

Know How to Stay Safe
Not only is computer security something everyone can master; it’s something anyone who uses the Internet must master. Hackers, identity thieves, scammers, and online criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated. That means you need to be equally adept at fending them off. Use the Security Awareness website to gain the skills you need to keep your technology secure and your information safe.

Stay Secure

Products and Services Features


Protects computers and data from malicious viruses and worms.

Security Alerts & News

Offers the latest news and vulnerability information for common software.

highly confidential data Search Software

Scans data for personally identifiable information.

PGP Encryption Software

Encrypts laptops, as they can easily be lost or stolen.

Host-based Intrusion Detection Software (HIDS)

Alerts system administrators to unauthorized or unexpected changes to a system.

SSL Site Certificates

Provides authentication and encryption for web-based services.

Large File Transfer

Sends large files to individual users over a secure web connection.

IT Security Office Forms

Products and Services Features

SSL Certificates

Use this form to request an SSL certificate. IdentiKey login required. 
Firewall Exception This form is intended for new exception requests only. Requests to change or deactivate an exception should be sent by email to IdentiKey login required.
Report a Lost or Stolen Device If a device has been lost or stolen, you should report it to the IT Security Office. IdentiKey login required.


Products and Services Features


Offers clear guidance for faculty, students, and staff who wish to use copyrighted materials.


Informs users of IT services of their responsibilities at a campus and university level.

Incident Response

Provides a central location for reporting and handling security incidents in the University.

  • File a security report- Information and instructions on how to file a security report if your system has been compromised.
  • I’m infected, now what?- Information and instructions if you suspect that your computer system has been infected by a virus, worm, or compromised in any way.

Information Risk Management

Products and Services Features

Risk Assessment

Identify and mitigate IT related risk.

Data Asset Inventory

Guidance on locating and protecting data assets.

International Travel Recommendations

Guidance for protecting electronic devices and data during international travel

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