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Cisco VoIP - Basic Functions

Refer to the information below to learn how to perform basic functions with your Cisco phone. The following instructions refer to a variety of buttons on your Cisco phone. To familiarize yourself with these buttons, refer to the Cisco VoIP Phone Interface page or visit the Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series interactive video tutorial website.

*Note: For a printable/downloadable version of these instructions, download the Cisco VoIP Phone Quick Reference Guide (PDF).

Place a Call

Lift the handset and use any of the following approaches to place a call:

On campus: last 5 digits of the phone number
Off campus, local (720/303): 8 + area code + 7 digit number
Off campus domestic: 8 + 1+ area code + 7 digit number

  • Press an (unlit) Session button on the right side
  • Press the New Call soft key
  • Press the (unlit) Headset or Speakerphone button.

For more information on dialing please visit the Long Distance page.

End a Call

To end a call, use one of the following options:

  • Replace the handset
  • Press the Release button
  • Press the End Call soft key
  • Press the (lit) Headset or Speakerphone button.

Answer a Call

Use any of the following approaches to answer a call:

  • Lift the handset
  • Press the flashing amber Session button on the right side
  • Press the Answer soft key
  • Press the (unlit) Headset or Speakerphone button

Forward All Calls

To forward all calls:

  1. Press the Forward All softkey.
  2. Choose where to forward your calls: 
    • Forward to voicemail: Press the Messages button
    • Forward to inside number: Enter the 5-digit internal extension
    • Forward to outside local number: Enter 8 plus the 10-digit number
    • Forward to outside long distance number (in US): Enter 8 plus 1 plus the 10-digit number
  3. Look for the Forward All icon to verify call forwarding.
  4. Cancel forwarding by pressing the Forward Off softkey.

Set up a Conference Call

  1. From an active call (not on hold) press the Conference button – the active party is placed on hold.
  2. Call the second party
  3. When the second party answers, press the Conference button again to join all parties
  4. Repeat these steps if you wish to add more people to the conference call

Transfer a Call

  1. From an active call (not on hold), press the Transfer button
  2. Call the transfer recipient
  3. Press the Transfer button or the Transfer soft key (before or after the party answers). The transfer is complete. Confirmation displays on your phone screen.


New message indicators:

  • A solid red light on your handset.
  • A voicemail icon next to the line label and session button  (may include message count)

Listen to voice messages:

  1. Press the Messages button or call 303-735-6245 (5-MAIL on-campus)
  2. Enter your PIN number and press the # key.
    • Press 1 to hear NEW messages
    • Press 2 to SEND a message
    • Press 3 to REVIEW old messages

*Note: If you have not yet set your Greeting and PIN, visit the Setting Your Greeting and Pin tutorial.