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Google Workspace - Known Issues

Incompatible Characters With Gmail

  • Issue: If a user's Identikey password has an asterisk (*) or an at sign (@), the password may be rejected when attempting to log into Google. This is due to the a discrepancy between the allowed characters fro Google and CU Identity Manager.
  • Resolution: Change your Identikey password with IdentiKey Manager to a password that does not contain the aforementioned characters.

Limited Mail Restore Capabilities

  • Issue: Due to Gmail's status as a cloud service, OIT does not maintain backups of the service and is therefore limited in any restore capabilities. Google provides a limited restore capability of email present in the account for the last 3 weeks. No ability exists to restore individual message beyond this, and Google does not guarantee that deleted items can be restored.
  • Resolution: There is no resolution to this issue, so make sure you truly wish to delete your messages.

Google Shared Drive Migrations:

  • Issue: When migrating data from My Drive to a Google Shared Drive, only files/folders owned by @Colorado.EDU accounts will be migrated. Files/folders owned by other accounts, such as someone’s account, will stay in the original location.
  • Resolution: Any data owned by non Colorado.EDU accounts will remain in the original location. It will be up to the owner of the new Google Shared Drive to grant permissions to the external user accounts of those file/folders to the Shared Drive and then have the external user move the data to theShared Drive. (The move is important. Attempting to download and copy the data as a new upload to the Shared Drive will result in duplicate copies of the files and will cause versioning conflicts as some users edit the old files and other users edit the new versions.)