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Data Center Colocation - COVID-19 Site Access Guidelines


During the current COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions and protocols for site access to the SPSC Data Center will align with the state’s COVID status dial with specifics to the status issued by Boulder County. While the COVID status dial is into effect, all site visits will need to be scheduled by using our bookings system. Please note: should Boulder County be under the Purple risk level, all non-emergency site visits will be suspended until the County issues a lower risk level.

Current Boulder County Risk Level: Yellow 

Boulder County is at level Yellow as of 2/22/2021. Visit the State of Colorado's COVID-19 dial dashboard for more information. 

Access Guidelines & Restrictions

Access guidelines to the SPSC Data Center will align with the status issued by Boulder County. Below are summaries of our restrictions as they relate to each status level of the Colorado’s COVID dial.

Level Green/Blue/Yellow/Orange/Red

Bookings are required for all site visits at all times. Visits of multiple parties will be limited by Data Center staff. Facial coverings (masks) and social distancing guidelines are required at all times. Remote hands assistance is offered to all customers to help eliminate the need for a site visit.

Level Purple

All non-emergency site visits are suspended and the Data Center operates in a full remote mode. Data Center staff will continue to report on-site and will require that remote hands requests are submitted for any physical action item that is needing to take place within the data center. After-hours requests will need to be scheduled in advance.

Emergency access requests will be reviewed & approved by Data Center staff. If emergency access is needed outside of campus business hours, the visitor must engage Data Center staff by calling 303-735-5409 to receive access approval.

Please note: Unscheduled visits not approved by Data Center staff will be deemed as a violation in which Data Center staff will communicate to the end-user. End-user’s site access may be revoked should multiple violations occur. These restrictions apply to customers, non-data center staff, and/or contractors

Access Bookings System

To schedule a site visit to the SPSC Data Center, visit the Data Center bookings site and follow the directions below for making reservations or changing bookings.

Schedule a visit

  1. Go to the Data Center bookings calendar to start your reservation.
  2. Select your preferred visit duration (Please note: These are pre-configured times. We recommend round up to a greater time if your preferred duration is not listed).
  3. Select the date of your visit.
  4. Under the Select staff drop-down, select the data center where you’ll be working (N190 = Phase1; N180 = Phase2).
  5. Once the site has been selected, available time frames for that location will populate. If your preferred time frame is not listed, there is likely a conflict with an alternate booking. Please contact the Data Center team directly if alternate time frames do not meet your needs/availability.
  6. Scroll down and fill your information under the Add your details section.
  7. Fill inyour CU-affiliated email address.
  8. Select the Book button. You will receive a confirmation email to the address provided during your booking summarizing your session.

Making changes to booked session

Should you find that your availability has changed and are needing to cancel and/or reschedule before the original selected start time begins, the following steps will need to be taken:

  1. Open the confirmation email sent upon completing your original booking.
  2. Select the View in Booking hyperlink that is located at the bottom of the confirmation email summary. This link will return you to a web page listing your current bookings details. 
  3. Select the appropriate option:
    • Reschedule: Selecting this option will return to the site/time selection page where you will be able to alter your current booking. Once the reschedule is fully submitted, you will receive a new confirmation email summarizing the update.
    • Cancel Booking: Selecting this option will return a confirmation pop-up; once the cancellation is confirmed you will receive a new confirmation email that the visit has been canceled. 
    • New Booking: Selecting this option will return you to the main booking page where the user can perform an entire New booking. Please note that this option does not replace your previously booked session. 

Making Changes to a session currently underway

If you need to make changes to a session that is already underway, you will need to contact the Data Center Staff directly to have your original booking updated and/or canceled.

Remote Hands

Our Remote Hands service is offered to help eliminate the need for a site visit. For details about actions supported and how to request this service, visit the Remote Hands Service page

Contact us

If you have any questions at all or need additional insight on our access procedures and guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 or or email the Data Center Staff directly at