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VPN - Custom VPN Service

If your department, group or service requires its own protected IP range, then you may request a Custom VPN. A custom VPN will be established on OIT's Cisco VPN solution. There is no fee associated with a Custom VPN request.

The end result will be:

  • A VPN configured with the features you request.
  • A specific URL that you will share with your customers that can be entered in the Cisco AnyConnect client.


Your choices

OIT can customize a VPN for you with regard to any or all of the following features:

  • Access Method (Cisco AnyConnect)
    • Note: Access to a custom VPN via a Cisco AnyConnect mobile application is not automatic, only by request. Contact the IT Service Center to request mobile access to your custom VPN.
  • IP Address Space
  • Split Tunneling

Approved Custom VPN Address

After requesting a custom VPN from the IT Service Center, you will be provided a VPN address in the format of with /thecustomaddress appended. This address can be inserted when connecting using the Cisco AnyConnect client.


There is no fee associated with a Custom VPN request.

How to get it

Contact OIT

  • Contact the IT Service Center and ask for a custom VPN. An IT Service Center agent will gather your basic information (name, department, and phone number) and send it to a consultant.

Then OIT will contact you

  • A consultant from OIT will contact you to start fulfilling your request.
  • In this process, the Office of Information Security (OIS) will also be reviewing your request.