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Classroom Capture - FAQ

General FAQ

Why should I use Classroom Capture?

This service provides students with an additional resource to enhance their learning and retention of material. The service is popular with students, especially in preparing for exams. It is a common good for academic courses and educational-based events at no cost.

How is my course recorded?

Once and instructor requests Classroom Capture for their course, the recordings will be scheduled to start and stop automatically. The video camera in the room will capture a video frame. Content (PowerPoint, Document Camera, etc…) being displayed on the projectors/monitors will also be recorded.

When will I be contacted by the Learning Spaces Technology team?

The Learning Spaces Technology team will typically contact you within 2 business days of submitting your request. In some cases, especially depending on demand, request fulfillment may take longer.

When will recordings be available for streaming?

Your recordings typically appear online within an hour of the class ending. Please contact us if they are not online after one day.

How long does recorded content remain online?

OIT will retain recorded course content for 5 years from date of recording, after which time the content will be permanently deleted.

What if I use a chalkboard?

To record the chalkboard, use the camera controls on the touch panel to aim the camera.  Due to resolution restrictions from the video camera, we recommend using the document camera to display written content.

What if I use a computer or document camera?

Content being displayed on the projectors/monitors will be captured as a separate source in the presentation. Viewers will be able to swap PIP to focus on either video camera or the computer input.

*Please note: Computer input records at lower frames per second. Videos played on laptops will appear choppy during playback. When possible, consider sharing links to online videos for your students to review later.

Where can I get more information?

Contact the IT Service Center with additional questions. A member of the Learning Spaces Technology team will contact you to provide more information to help you decide if the service will meet your needs.

What classrooms are set up for this?

Visit the main Classroom Capture page for a full list and map of Classroom Capture locations

How does it work?

Recorders in the supported lecture halls can be scheduled to automatically record lectures and presentations. The system will automatically start and stop recordings, with the option for the presenters to pause their own recordings using the room’s touch panel controller. After the lecture has uploaded, students can view recordings online using computers and some mobile devices. Students can control playback and navigate to the content most important to them.

What are the viewing requirements for recorded content?

See Mediasite's guidelines for viewing and system requirements: 

Who can use this service?

Any Faculty/Instructor/Staff/GPTI can (and is encouraged to) request this service in supported spaces to complement the in-class lecture experience for students. Students may not request class recordings.

Classroom Capture can be used for other non-educational based or special events for a fee. Learn more about types of events and cost on the main Classroom Capture page

Faculty Related Questions

Is my course being recorded?

Faculty members must request a course to be recorded. Classroom Capture is not setup by default, it must be requested.

*Please Note: Students cannot request Classroom Capture.

Can I pause my scheduled recording?

Yes, from the touch panel you can pause and resume a recording. The touch panel controller will display the recording status:

New Touch Panels

Old Touch Panels

How do students access the recordings?

After requesting Classroom Capture, instructors are given a link to their online course catalog for the recorded content. It is the responsibility of the instructor to distribute the course catalog link.

How can I preview what the camera is recording?

The touch panel at the front of the room has a video preview window of what the camera has in focus. Camera presets allow users to quickly adjust the camera. Manual camera controls also allow for pan, tilt, and zoom.