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Digication - Canvas Integration

Integrating Digication into your Canvas course will allow you and your students to directly access Digication without leaving the Canvas platform. This makes it considerably easier for students to access and share Digication, especially if you use the tool often.

There are two ways to integrate Digication with your Canvas course:


The Digication integration grants users the following:

  • Single sign on capability between Canvas and Digication.
  • The auto-creation of new users within Digication upon accessing the Digication dashboard within a course in Canvas.
  • The ability to use the Digication dashboard within courses inside of Canvas.
  • Instructors can create and share ePortfolio templates with the students in the course.
  • Students can create ePortfolios using templates shared by their instructors or any Digication templates that they can access.
  • Instructors and students can view ePortfolios shared with the course.
  • Any user enrolled in the Canvas course as an instructor will have access to instructor functions in the integration.

Instructions and Tutorials

Managing Digication-Templates-with-an-LMS-Integration, You will learn how to access Digication for the first time form your course, configure your course for Digication ePortfolios, select a new course template, how to manage your templates and about Digication template notifications.

Student Guide: Creating a Digication ePortfolio in Canvas: This tutorial will show you how to launch Digication from within Canvas, choose a template, create your ePortfolio, publish your ePortfolio, and set up ePortfolio permissions.

Support Provided by Vendor

Digication provides 24/7 end-user support via email and guarantees a response within 24 hours year round, including holidays. Support requests made during normal business hours (7:00 AM – 6:00 PM MST Monday – Friday), are typically responded to within two hours.

Comprehensive Support Documentation is available via the Digication Helpdesk.