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Course Roster Email

The campus portal offers a Faculty Course Toolkit to faculty members based upon the courses they are teaching.  For each course, a course roster is available and for each roster, faculty members can send bulk email to all of the students enrolled in the class by clicking on the "Class Email" icon in the toolkit.  Clicking on the icon brings up an email message with the To: address field automatically populated with the class email address.


  • Email list automatically created based upon students enrolled in the class.
  • Secure access (available only to the faculty member(s) teaching the course).
  • Using the Class Email feature simply involves clicking on the Class Email icon either from the "My Courses" schedule listing or from the tools listing for a specific course.


Course roster email and the campus portal are provided as common-good services to the campus which means there is no direct cost to list owners or list subscribers.


Who can get it

  • Only the faculty members on record as faculty for the course can access the course rosters and corresponding course roster email within the portal.
  • Only the students enrolled in the course will be included in the email list for the course roster.
  • Emails to your class roster must be sent from your CU Exchange mailbox using your primary email address. External email address (email addresses that do not contain "") cannot be added to a class roster.

How to get it

  1. Instructors, log in to MyCUInfo with your IdentiKey.
  2. Navigate to the Faculty tab.
  3. In the row of the course you wish to message, click on the Class Mail icon.

    Class Mail Icon

  4. Your default email program will open and a customized address will be placed in the To: field. Use this address to message your class.