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UCB Wireless - Help

Support AreaDescription
Known IssuesKnown issues with UCB Wireless and the other networks on the CU Boulder campus.
Clear Browser CacheA common issue when connecting to wireless networks can sometimes be solved by clearing your cache. Use these tutorials to learn how.
UCB Wireless Service GuidelinesService guidelines, information for setting up wireless access in administrative buildings and more. 
UCB Wireless SecurityWireless network security is a serious issue. This section summarizes what you need to know about wireless network security.
Guest WirelessThe wireless network available to guests of the CU Boulder campus.

Register and Access UCB Wireless

CU Boulder's wireless network can be identified by the SSID (or Network Name) "UCB Wireless." OIT recommends that you choose UCB Wireless as your wireless network when you are on campus. *Please note: To connect, you need to know your IdentiKey username and password as well as a laptop with an 802.11 internal or external Wi-Fi adapter.

  1. Select UCB Wireless from your available wireless networks. Once connected, open a web browser and, if not automatically redirected, go to to register with your IdentiKey username and password.
  2. Agree to the Acceptable Use Policy 
  3. Register using your IdentiKey and password.   
  4. A confirmation webpage will open once network connection is successful, and you are free to use UCB Wireless.    

Headless Devices

If your device does not have a screen and web browser, you will not be able to access the UCB Wireless registration page. In order to connect the device to the network, it will need to be registered manually by the IT Service Center. You will need to provide your device's MAC address. 

Find your MAC address

The steps for finding your MAC address depend on the type of device you are using. Instructions for some common devices are below:

Generally, you can find the MAC address on the device's original packaging, on a sticker on the device, or in the "About" or "Internet" section of the device's settings menu.

IP Address Range for UCB Wireless

The IP range for UCB Wireless is

When on-campus wireless clients try to reach off-campus Internet services, both old and new private IP addresses are translated (using Network Address Translation, or NAT) to public IP addresses of or Off-campus service providers may need this address range.

Wireless access points

Any department, group, or individual wishing to deploy wireless access points must contact OIT per the Wireless Deployment and Management Policy. Personal Wi-Fi access points are prohibited in the residence halls.

Help & Support

Fill out the Network Connectivity Troubleshooting form to report an issue, or contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 or for additional assistance.