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UCB Guest Wireless—FAQ

For information on wireless networks in general, see Wireless Internet - FAQ

General FAQ

Can I extend access time?

Yes, you can extend access time by accepting the Terms and Conditions of Use every 24 hours.

Do I have to have a sponsor?

No. UCB Guest Wireless is no longer using the sponsorship system.

How does UCB Guest Wireless work?

UCB Guest Wireless allows campus guests quick and easy access to the Internet. Guests simply choose UCB Guest Wireless SSID, open a web browser, agree to Terms and Conditions of Use, and are immediately able to browse the Internet.

How long does guest access last?

Connections last for 24 hours.

I’m visiting CU Boulder, how do I get on the wireless network?

To access UCB Guest Wireless you will need choose UCB Guest Wireless SSID, open a web browser, and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use.

What can I access with UCB Guest Wireless?

UCB Guest Wireless only provides general Internet use. Guests cannot access CU Boulder resources that require on-campus connections, such as Library resources and other protected servers and services that are provided strictly for CU Boulder affiliated students, faculty and staff members.