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Canvas Data - New Analytics

What is New Analytics?

New Analytics allows instructors to track and analyze what students, observers, and/or designers are doing with the course.

Learn more: What is New Analytics?

New Analytics is available to all Instructors, TAs with gradebook access, and Graders, in a Canvas course. The data available in New Analytics can be seen in both a chart or a data table.

How do I access New Analytics?

To access New Analytics, click on the New Analytics button from your course Home Page.

What can I see in New Analytics?

View the average course grade:

Compare the course average with an individual assignment, a specific course section, or a specific student:

View average weekly online participation analytics:

Compare the course average weekly online participation analytics with an individual student or section:

Send a message to all or individual students based on specific course grade or participation criteria:

View course grade and participation analytics for an individual student:

View and download CSV reports on missing assignments, late assignments, excused assignments, the class roster, and course activity:

What is a Participation?

Canvas defines a participation as the following:

  • Posts a new comment to an announcement
  • Submits an assignment
  • Loads a collaboration
  • Joins a web conference
  • Posts a new comment to a discussion
  • Creates a Page
  • Starts taking a quiz
  • Submits a quiz

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