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Distance Learning Studios Service Transition Resources

Starting spring 2023, Campus Distance Learning Studios will no longer offer operator support. Transitioning from a DLS classroom to a Classroom Capture space? Please use the following guidance for helpful resources for your transition. 

Differences between Distance Learning Studios and Classroom Capture Service

Distance Learning Studios Classroom Capture Service
Operator support - camera control  Instructor uses touch panel to control camera
Operator scheduled recordings*** Spring 2023, see note below
Operator connects classroom AV to Zoom Instructor connects classroom AV to Zoom
Operator adds recordings in Canvas*** Spring 2023, see note below

***Note for Spring 2023: To ensure a successful transition to a more self-service model, for Spring 2023, OIT will continue to assist with processing of Classroom Capture requests and will schedule recordings and embed the video channel in Canvas for all B section classes.

Resources available to ensure a smooth transition