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IT Service Center - Purpose & Mission

You can contact the IT Service Center by calling 303-735-HELP, walking into the service center, or by sending email to When you contact the IT Service Center in any of these ways, our goal is to have an IT Service Center staff member resolve your service request or incident. If we are unable to do this, your request or problem gets escalated to a core expert.

ITSC Purpose

The ITSC aims to contribute to the academic growth of the campus community and our goal is to provide support for the technologies we provide to the campus. We hope to achieve a high rate of customer satisfaction so that OIT can be viewed as a trusted, reputable and most of all helpful organization.

ITSC Mission Statement

The ITSC will achieve and maintain a minimum of a 90% customer satisfaction rate based on both reactive and proactive feedback.

Support Value Proposition

  • While the Support Group provides a set of core services for the entire campus community, which might arguably be supplied by multiple external providers, the Support Group will differentiate itself through:
    • An in-depth knowledge and understanding of the academic community* in general, and specific client needs in particular.
    • Unparalleled and proactive services in critical areas at extremely competitive costs.

*Community - Implies the systems, processes, personnel, and ancillary functions that allow the university to operate effectively and efficiently.

ITSC Key Operating Principles

  • Our interactions will be professional, personal, and respectful.
  • We will focus, be attentive, responsive, and detailed with each customer interaction.
  • We will provide simplified responses to complex and often confusing information technology services.
  • We will strive to deliver exceptional and professional customer customer at a time.


The Office of Information Technology (OIT), IT Service Center is an internal technical support center that offers technical assistance and customer service to University of Colorado faculty, staff, students and CU Boulder retirees. The IT Service Center is the single point-of-contact for all information technology (IT) issues, allowing all information to flow through one central location. The IT Service Center receives calls on various software applications, hardware and general University of Colorado Boulder content questions. The goal is to resolve as many issues as possible on a first call basis. The issues that the IT Service Center is unable to resolve will be transferred to the appropriate escalation support team within OIT. The IT Service Center and all support groups work together to provide quality support to the University of Colorado community.Communication and cooperation are vital to the success of the IT Service Center.The IT Service Center’s success is determined by how each ITSC analyst responds to the customers’ business needs.

The University of Colorado Boulder IT Service Center represents the entire OIT organization. The perception that customers have about OIT will be based partly on how the IT Service Center analyst interacts with the customer. Therefore, their roles are crucial not only in providing the superior support but also in providing superior customer service.

Because of the roles the ITSC analyst play in OIT, it is no surprise that customer service/soft skills continue to be the primary training focus for the ITSC analysts. The ITSC has a rigorous training program, followed by continual coaching. We offer a blended learning environment, which combines staff-led training with self-paced learning.

The ITSC staff members are ITIL Foundation and HDI Support certified.

Specific activities performed by the IT Service Center

  • Activities related to Preparing and Continuously Improving the ITSC
    • Staffing coverage
      • Reporting on staffing activities
        • Predicted v. actual staffing needs
    • Training
      • New hires
      • New IT service rollouts
      • Refresher/Ongoing
    • Hiring
      • ITSC majority of analysts are students, only 3 fulltime employees
    • Process improvement and refinement
  • Activities Related to OIT Internal Customers
    • Routine meetings with Service Managers
    • Establishing and reviewing ITSC OLAs with Service Managers
    • Onboarding new IT services
    • Reviewing projects and changes to prepare for increased staffing needs
    • Reporting on such activities to OIT Internal Customers and Directors
  • Activities Related to Customers Outside of OIT
    • Call intake
    • Operator calls
    • Resolving of Cases
    • Escalating/Referring Cases
    • Monitoring the status of cases

IT Service Center Standards

  • The customer will receive professional, exceptional, and courteous assistance from the IT Service Center service.
  • The IT Service Center will provide a timely response to all Incidents and Service Requests opened at the IT Service Center.
  • A call reference number from the ITSM tool will be given to the customer for every inbound call, regardless of nature.
  • The IT Service Center will act proactively to prevent issues from becoming problems and affecting its customers.

Email Responses

Inbound emails to, are processed between incoming phone calls and will be worked on a first in first out bases. It is highly recommended if you need immediate assistance, to call the ITSC instead. All email is retrieved throughout the day and responded in the order they are received.