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UCB Files - Access Management

Security access to your file share can be managed in three ways.

Option 1: Dedicated Desktop Support

  • Your Dedicated Desktop Support Professional will work with you to customize the permissions on your file share.
  • Individual folders can have different security permissions tailored to your business needs.
  • Many departments opt to set permissions on folders based on organizational structure and/or job roles, restricting access to private folders for sensitive information.
  • Available only if your department has Dedicated Desktop Support.

Option 2: Manage your own permissions (for IT Professionals)

  • If your department has its own IT team, OIT can delegate file share permission management to your department.
  • Your IT team must be familiar with NTFS permissions and Active Directory security group management.
  • OIT provides your IT team with an OU in with delegated access and base security groups for you to manage the share.
  • Your IT team is empowered to manage your folder structure, NTFS permissions, and AD security group membership.
  • Detailed instructions for your IT Team can be found on the UCB Files - Managing your permissions (for IT Professionals) page.

Option 3: Basic Access Management

  • Designate one or more team members in your department to authorize access to your share.
  • Designated team members control access to your file share through, or may contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-HELP or to grant or revoke access.
  • Detailed instructions can be found on the UCB Files - Basic Access Management page.
  • Permissions cannot be customized on an individual folder level. One security group controls access to your entire file share.