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Personal Capture

What is Personal Capture?

Personal Capture utilizes My Mediasite, an all-in-one content creation and delivery platform. My Mediasite makes it a snap to create great looking videos, screencasts and slideshows, wherever you are. From demos and video training to flipped classes, lectures and assignments, everything you need is in one simple-to-use tool. Capture high quality slideshows or screencasts that preserve every annotation and screen movement. My Mediasite offers multiple formats to engage with a viewer and audience. This includes quizzes, polls, Q&A as well as comments and annotations. Pair your content with webcam video or simply a voice over, and My Mediasite’s Desktop Recorder does the rest. It synchronizes everything you say and show without requiring video production skills.

  • Instructors, Staff and Student Employees can create, edit and share content with one tool
  • Create high quality content anywhere: home, office, or in a classroom
  • Deliver content with same familiar look and feel students are used to with the Classroom Capture service


  • Dynamic Picture-In-Picture Playback
  • Searchable Content
  • Basic Video Editing
  • Embed Quizzes in Videos
  • Viewing Analytics
  • Easy sharing and distribution
  • Upload external content - (MP4, AVI, etc....)
  • Use the Desktop Media Recorder while offline

How to get it

Personal Capture is available to all Faculty, Instructors, Staff and Student Employees. To set up your account:

  1. Log in to My Mediasite
  2. Non-DDS Customers: Install Mediasite Mosaic Recorder software (Please note: you will need administrator credentials to install)
  3. DDS Customers: Download using the Self Service Software application on your device.
  4. Register Mediasite Desktop Recorder on your computer

Introduction to Mediasite

What's Mosaic vs. Desktop Recorder?
  • Mosaic is currently available for: macOS 10.15 Catalina and Windows 10 and later
  • Desktop Recorder is available for: macOS 10.14 Mojave and earlier, and Windows 7 & 10

Get started using Personal Capture

  1. Login to My Mediasite
  2. Create a Presentation
  3. Create a Channel
  4. Move Presentation to Channel
  5. Share Channel
  6. Add User Engagement (Quizzes, Polls, Q&A, Comments & Annotations)

Visit the Personal Capture Help page or Frequently Asked Questions for more guidance with the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, using the portal, and more. 

Content Retention Policy

This service requires high speed low latency storage to provide smooth video playback, as a result storage costs are higher and a retention policy is required.

Content will remain online for an entire academic year following the year it was created. At the end of each Spring semester, content from the previous year will be removed (e.g. In Spring of 2021, content created for Summer 2020 and earlier will be deleted).

OIT recommends users take personal responsibility for routine archiving of content. Once content has been removed it can not be recovered. File storage options supported by OIT include UCB Files, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.



Contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 or email to request assistance. If you're in an OIT-supported classroom and have an issue with technology, submit the Classroom Technology Problem Reporting form.