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Faculty Computer Purchase Program - Ordering and Reimbursement

How to Order A Computer and Get Reimbursed

  1. You must have already been informed that you are FCPP-eligible this year. If you have questions, contact your department's program coordinator. 
  2. Ensure you order a computer from the FCPP Standard Models List. If the computer is not on the standard models list, ensure you have an approved ordering exception by emailing before you place the order
  3.  Order your computer through CU Marketplace by May 31. Your department staff can assist with this. 
  4. Once you have receivedthe computer, submit the relevant information online using the FCPP reimbursement request form. We will need: 
    • The Purchase Order number (or purchase receipts, if purchased elsewhere)
    • The line item(s) in the purchase order which you need reimbursed
    • The name of the faculty member this purchase is for, and their department
    • The serial number or service tag of the computing device that was purchased (info will be validated with manufacturer)
    • The SpeedType(s) to reimburse 
  5. Once FCPP has processed your reimbursement request, a budget transfer will occur from your SpeedType to the FCPP SpeedType. FCPP reimburses up to $1,200 of the cost of one computer per eligible faculty member.