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Last Updated: 03/30/2020


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Zoom is a web conferencing tool that unifies cloud video conferencing, online meetings, and collaboration into one platform. Zoom's extensive features, compatibility with desktop or mobile devices, and multi-layered security enable rich web conferencing experiences for campus and unaffiliated users at CU Boulder.


Want to learn more about how to secure your Zoom meetings? Visit the Meeting Security section of our help page.

Third party applications

We have received numerous requests to integrate third party applications with Zoom. During the COVID-19 crisis, we will not be exploring new third party integrations. OIT is focusing support efforts to ensure new and existing users have the basic knowledge and training needed to conduct remote teaching via the core Zoom feature set. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience while we navigate these unprecedented times.

Zoom Resources

Beginning Monday March 16, Zoom will offer Zoom Meetings for Education Webinars focusing on the following topics:

  • How to download the Zoom applications and join a Zoom meeting
  • How to schedule a meeting and send out invitations
  • Overview of In-meeting controls and Virtual Classroom tools

Additional Zoom Training Resources


Web conferencing visual
  • Cloud Video Conferencing
  • Online Meetings for up to 300 participants
  • Telephone Dial-in
  • Mobile Collaboration
  • Security

Learn more about the features by visiting Zoom's Features page.

Additional Licensing

In some cases, regular Zoom meetings may not meet your needs. Webinars and Large meetings both have higher capacity and different features. Learn more about each to determine if you need either:


Webinar attendees are limited in the way they interact to chat, responding to polls, and using the “raise hand” feature. Webinar attendees are unable to see other participants (e.g. students cannot see other attendees during a lecture, but can interact with instructor). Webinars have an increased capacity of 500 attendees.

Large Meeting

A Large Meeting has the same features as a standard Zoom meeting, allowing participants to have access to all available tools such as breakout rooms, screen sharing, interaction with others in the meeting and more, but with additional capacity for up to 500 participants.

If you believe you need a webinar or large meeting license, please submit the Large Meeting or Webinar License Request.

Get Started

All CU Boulder students, faculty, and staff have access to a Pro account by using Zoom's login with Single Sign-on (SSO) functionality (this includes CU Boulder group or secondary accounts, by request).

  1. Download the Zoom application
  2. Click Sign In with SSO
  3. Enter "cuboulder" and click continue
  4. A browser window will open prompting you for your Federated Identity Service identikey and password credentials. Click Continue.
  5. This will automatically create your account and log you in.

Please note: Zoom Pro accounts not logged in within one year or those no longer affiliated with CU Boulder will be removed on a routine basis. When logging back in, you will regain access to Zoom Pro functionality automatically.

*Find more detailed documentation and help resources on the Zoom Help and Zoom FAQ pages.


Zoom web conferencing is provided at no cost to CU Boulder affiliates.

Who can get it

All campus affiliates have access to a Pro Zoom account which is automatically provisioned the first time you login using SSO through the Zoom application. For installation help, use the Zoom - Download and Login tutorial.