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Enterprise Access Management (Grouper)


The Enterprise Access Management Service provides group management information across integrated applications and repositories using a technology tool known as Grouper. The Enterprise Access Management Service combines multiple sources of group information, both automated and manual, into a single, central repository.

How to log in

If you have access to an Enterprise Access Management space, log into the tool with the following:



  • Cross-platform, web-based interface
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Stem architecture that creates a space for you to manage access to your integrated applications and IT resources
  • Access to automated groups, such as departments, job codes, affiliation, and description to create composite groups that can be catered to your access needs.


  • Enhanced collaboration – create groups for business centers, academic research projects, student groups, and more
  • Ability to manage access to multiple applications/services from one centralized tool
  • Leverage automated groups that are created and maintained automatically from the source
  • Sophisticated group management capabilities, such as subgroups and composite groups, to support many access management needs
  • Group management is delegated to the group owners


Enterprise Access Management Service is provided at no cost.

Who can get it

Faculty, staff, and student employees have access to Enterprise Access Management.

How to get it

CU Boulder faculty and staff can request an Enterprise Access Management space to manage access to their application or IT resource by filling out the Grouper Departmental "Stem" Enablement Request form.

For simple requests, it may be sufficient for you to complete the form. For more complex requests, as a next step, an OIT team member will reach out to you to further discuss your request to determine if Grouper Departmental "Stem" is right for your web application.


Access Management with Grouper presentation

Ready to learn more? Watch the recorded presentation below for a walkthrough of Access Management with Grouper.