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Google Groups - Help

Support AreaDescription
Official Google documentationGoogle's guide to using Google Groups.
Add People to your GroupLearn how to add users to a Google Group. 
Manage your Group subscription preferencesManage settings of your groups including notifications, bounce status, and more. 
Use your Google Group as an email listLearn how you can use Google Groups as an email list. 
Subscribe or unsubscribe from a Google GroupQuickly learn how to subscribe or unsubscribe from a Google Group. 
Content Moderation Set up content moderation for your Group.
Approve or moderate messages to your GroupLearn about approving messages via email or the Google Groups interface.
Exclude moderators from message approvalLearn how to limit who can approve messages to your Group.
Ban or unban usersLearn how to ban users as well as view banned users and re-admit to the Group. 
Add a manager to your GroupFollow this tutorial to add people to help manage your group
Use Conversation History to archive your group messagesArchive conversation history in Google Groups and learn where to find it in the future. 
Set who can view, post, & moderateGoogle Groups permissions explained 
Update a Group's settingsGoogle Groups settings explained 

Delete your Google Group

If you’re a manager of a Google Group, you can request your Group be deleted if you don’t need it anymore. Please contact the IT Service Center at at or 303-735-4357 and provide the name of your Group.