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Networking & Voice - Foundational Services and Connectivity

Foundational Services & Support

Foundational Services Included in Connectivity

The following services are included and provided to the CU Boulder campus community without additional fees.

  • Wireless network: Covers all areas of the CU Boulder campus, including academic buildings, libraries, residence halls, and select outdoor spaces.  
  • Wired network: Available in every building on campus and provides network services via physical connections inclusive of data center networking, science network, VPN, and firewall operations. 1Gb (GigE) is the standard connection type and speed on campus. The backbone wired network provides Internet access to the commodity Internet and national and international education and research networks.
  • Backbone fiber and copper infrastructure: Installation and maintenance of campus backbone fiber and copper infrastructure when not part of a project.  
  • Wired jacks: Maintenance of campus wired jacks.
  • Telephony: Voice service includes softphone service via MS Teams for any affiliated faculty, staff or student worker needed as well as analog lines needed for business purposes. Physical phones approved for use in the following locations and situations for safety or regulation: Lobbies, Lab spaces, classrooms and individuals requiring ADA accommodation.
  • Contact centers: Contact center technology is available to all campus departments requiring this functionality with unit head approval.
  • Cellular Partnership: OIT partners with major cellular carriers as they work to deliver coverage and capacity to serve the CU Boulder community. 
End User Service Experience Expectations Included in Connectivity
  • Adequate network performance and access for all participants in an indoor space to meet intended teaching, learning, research and creative work activities is expected.
  • Capacity to support connections for all occupants up to the rated occupancy for a given space.
  • In centrally scheduled, centrally supported classrooms, dedicated wired connectivity is provided for lecturer podiums that require high-bandwidth/low-latency connections.

Foundational Support

Support that is included and provided to the CU Boulder campus community without any additional fees.

  • Standard support includes normal campus operating hours support for outages or incidents. Outages or incidents occurring outside of these hours will be addressed starting at 7 a.m. the following business day.
  • Major outages from network equipment impacting multiple buildings will be addressed by on-call staff outside normal business hours with a 1-hour response time. Limited impact to a switch closet is not included in this on-call response.
  • Major outages as a result of network equipment that impact an entire building, including residence halls, will be addressed by on-call staff outside of normal campus operating hours. Limited impact to a switch closet is not included in this on-call response.  
  • Network outage response in residence halls will be based on level of impact and may include on-call response outside of the standard support hours. Outage will be addressed starting at 7 a.m. the next day. Limited impact to a switch closet is not included in this on-call response.
  • Agreed upon “essential switch locations” are part of normal support and will be responded to by on-call team outside of normal hours
  • Consulting and training: Upon request, customer representatives are available to answer questions related to wired, wireless, and voice services regarding existing services or to help evaluate the best service options for your needs.

Auxiliary Services & Support (excluded from Foundational)

Auxiliary Services

The following services are not included or provided in Foundational services to the CU Boulder campus community, but are available for additional fees:

  • Physical phones: Physical phones not identified under the foundational service above for individuals or contact center agents will require the department to pay one-time for the phone set.  
  • Wireless networking services for attendees at Folsom Field and CU Event Center (provided by Athletics).
  • Land Mobile Radio (LMR)
  • Project labor: This is charged based on published rates for capital and non-capital projects. Labor services include construction management, infrastructure design and AutoCAD updates, feasibility, project management, wireless design, network installation and data patching.  
  • Construction and renovation: Any construction or renovation to an existing space resulting in need for additional or new communications infrastructure, equipment, or services shall be borne by the project and should be included in the project budget. Includes, but not limited to, copper, fiber, switches, APs, routers, service to construction trailers.
  • Network jack installation: New copper or fiber jack installations for wired network connectivity. See published rates.  

Auxiliary Support

Support that is not included or provided to the CU Boulder campus community without additional fees

  • Special event support: Includes conferences, concerts, events defined by need and dependent on scope and service support required. This is charged based on published rates. 

Rate Information

Project Labor

Service/RoleCost per hour
As-build updates$63
Backbone Engineer $108
Construction Management$89
IT Design$71
Land Mobile Radio$66
Network Installation $74
Project Manager$84
Wireless Design$86
Data Technician$81
Voice Technician $85
Wireless Engineer$89

Jack Installations

Copper (1 cable)$360 each
Add cable to existing Jack$200 each
Demo (cost depends on pathway demo required)$80-140

Please note: These rates do not reflect potential charges related to unforeseen work due to asbestos abatement or EH&S charges. 

AudioCodes Phones

Model 405$108
Model 435$221
Model 455$337
Expansion Module$181
AudioCodes Conference Unit RX50$1,014
Analog 2500$48.02
Analog 2554$48.33