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Legacy Web Publishing FAQ

I want a new website, how do I get one?

Visit the Web Services page in Web Central to learn about our web services and make a request.

Was the legacy system decommissioned?

The main www-legacy server that hosted departmental websites out of htdocs was decommissioned in October 2018. We contacted site owners throughout 2018 and published notices in CU Boulder Today. If you need assistance, contact the IT Service Center.

Personal websites on spot and rintintin were not impacted by this change.

How do I get a website on Web Express?

Start the process by requesting a Web Consultation from Strategic Relations.

How do I delete my personal website on rintintin or spot?

Visit the Legacy Web Publishing Directory Support form and select Remove web directory.

How do I get access to my personal website on spot or rintintin

Contact the IT Service Center.

How do I connect to the server that my personal website is on?

Review our Connect to the Server help document. 

Is it possible to host a database or use PHP on my personal spot or rintintin website?

No. We only support HTML files, CSS, and Javascript on personal spot and rintintin websites.

How do I develop my website to be accessible?

Visit CU Boulder’s Accessible Technology website to learn more about website accessibility.

Where do I get a CU Boulder branded template?

Visit CU Boulder’s Brand website and refer to Downloads.

Do you provide consultations?

Yes, Strategic Relations does consultations. Sign up for a quick web consultation with their web experts. They'll help you assess your website needs and review campus resources.