Legacy Web Publishing FAQ

Last Updated: 03/22/2018
I want a new website, how do I get one?

Visit the Web Services page in Web Central to learn about our web services and make a request. You cannot request a new top-level legacy website.

What is a legacy website?

OIT partners with University Communications to manage a legacy web environment that pre-dates our preferred campus web publishing options. These websites are typically comprised of HTML files and are hosted on the servers spot.colorado.edu and rintintin.colorado.edu, in the /htdocs directory.

Will you create a new website for me on the legacy system?

We no longer create new top-level websites on the legacy system. Here are the alternatives:

I have a legacy website, how do I move to Web Express?

Start the process by requesting a Web Consultation from Strategic Relations.

Is the legacy web system being retired?

The main www-legacy server is being decommissioned in July 2018. This will affect sites with the url pattern www.colorado.edu/yoursite that have not moved to Web Express. This effort will not affect sub domain sites (http://experts.colorado.edu) or personal spot sites (http://spot.colorado.edu/~identikey). 

To learn more, visit the Legacy Server Retirement Project website.


How do I delete my legacy website?

Visit the Legacy Web Publishing Directory Support form and select Remove web directory.

How do I get access to an existing legacy website?

Visit the Legacy Web Publishing Directory Support form and select Change access to web directory.

How do I connect to the server that my legacy website is on?

Review our Connect to the Server help document. 

How can I find out who the owner is of a legacy website?

Visit the Legacy Web Publishing Directory Support form and select Find owner of web directory

How do I adjust edit permissions on my legacy website?

Review our General Permissions Guide and our Group Write Permissions help document.

Is it possible to host a database or use PHP on my legacy website?

No. The legacy web system does not support MySQL or PHP. It does support HTML files, CSS, and Javascript. 

How do I develop my website to be accessible?

Visit CU Boulder’s Accessible Technology website to learn more about website accessibility.

Where do I get a CU Boulder branded template?

Visit CU Boulder’s Brand website and refer to Downloads.

Do you provide consultations?

Yes, Strategic Relations does consultations. Sign up for a quick web consultation with their web experts. They'll help you assess your website needs and review campus resources.