Large File Transfer - Known Issues

Last Updated: 08/09/2017


Listed below are known issues related to Large File Transfer functions as well as possible workarounds and/or progress toward resolution of the issues. If the suggested workarounds do not help you, or if you are having any issue at all, contact the IT Service Center (303-735-4357, 5-HELP from on-campus, or

The login page requests "Email Address"

  • Impact: You may be confused about which email address to use.
  • Workaround: Use your primary email address (or CU Login Name) and IdentiKey password. To find your primary email address, log in to, click Manage My Email Addresses, and the address listed under Campus Published Email Address is the address to use.
  • Resolution: OIT is working with the vendor to change that heading to be more clear.
  • Last updated: October 5, 2010