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Microsoft 365 - Viva Insights


Microsoft Viva Insights is an add-in available in both Teams and Outlook that provides additional features to support employee productivity and well-being 

Use Microsoft Viva Insights for:  

  • Email Insights: Analyzes email patterns and habits, provides tips for reducing inbox overload and email efficiency. 
  • Schedule Insights: Provides recommendations for balancing work and personal time and suggests ways to optimize schedule for better work-life balance. 
  • Focus Time: Easy way for employees to set aside designated focus time to work on important tasks without interruptions. 
  • Focus Mode: Minimizes distractions while working in Outlook by hiding non-essential notifications and email previews. 
  • Meeting Effectiveness: Gain insights into meeting habits and effectiveness for meetings you organize and attend.

Who can get it 

All CU Boulder Faculty and Staff with Microsoft 365 accounts and mailboxes are eligible for Microsoft Viva Insights.  

How to get it

Viva Insights is a standard Teams app and Outlook plug-in that can be accessed through the Desktop or web app versions of either product with your CU email address ( and IdentiKey Password. 

Privacy in Viva Insights 

  • Personal and private: Content in your insights are personal and private and are only available to you and cannot be accessed by anybody else in your organization.
  • Everyone's data is kept private: Viva Insights does not include any new personally identifiable information about anybody else in your organization. The insights and actions are based on information generated by you and your organization just by going about your regular workday. Your insights are based on information that you already have access to but can’t quickly aggregate without help.
  • Mailbox security: Viva Insights uses Exchange Online email and calendar data and processes and stores any insights or actions inside your Exchange Online mailbox, so data security is built in and enforced by Exchange.
  • GDPR compliant: Microsoft complies with the GDPR when providing insights and actions in the app.

Visit Microsoft's website for complete details on privacy considerations with Microsoft Viva Insights

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