Last Updated: 09/26/2019


Digication ePortfolio is a web-based tool that gives faculty, staff, students, and alumni the ability to easily publish work online as professional and customizable presentations. ePortfolios are a great way for students, faculty and staff to gather artifacts of their work in one convenient place. An ePortfolio can contain written works, photos, videos, collaborative assignments, projects, or reflective pieces.

Students can use an ePortfolio to showcase work for a particular course, and the instructor could assess their ePortfolio. ePortfolios can also follow a student throughout their entire university experience. This is a great way for students to gather work samples for potential future employment.

Faculty members can use an ePortfolio to highlight their accomplishments and show the community their work, collaborate with others in their department, or use during instruction.


  • Create unlimited number of portfolios
  • Independent access permission settings
  • Rich text editing
  • Media support, including image, video, audio
  • File-upload of all file types including documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Customizable navigation and templates
  • Collaborative ePortfolio editing
  • Tagging and commenting
  • Permanent ePortfolio archive tools
  • Export ePortfolios as HTML


Digication is provided as a common-good service to the campus which means there is no direct cost to the individual or department.

Who can get it

Digication is available to all CU Boulder affiliates with an active IdentiKey.

How to get it

  • Log in to Digication (https://colorado.edu/digication)
  • You will be directed to CU Boulder's Federated Identity login page
  • Login with your IdentiKey and follow any on-screen steps, such as agreeing to Terms of Use and confirming your Digital ID Card.
  • From the Digication homepage (pictured below), you can navigate to My ePortfolios and My Courses.

Training & Resources

New to Digication? Need a little refresher? Take a look at OIT's Digication FAQ page for common questions, and visit Digication Announcement page to stay up-to-date on changes and new additions.

Videos and Online Courses


There are a variety of resource and tutorials available to support your use of Digication. Learn more on the Digication Help page.

Other Resources

Support Provided by Vendor 

  • Digication provides 24/7 end-user support via email and guarantees a response within 24 hours year round, including holidays. Support requests made during normal business hours (7:00 AM – 6:00 PM MST Monday – Friday), are typically responded to within two hours.
  • Comprehensive Support Documentation is available via the Digication Helpdesk website.


CU Boulder is committed to providing help, information, and assistance with campus services for all users, including those with accessibility concerns. Digication accessibility considerations, information for content creators, alternatives/workarounds, and more can be found on the Digication Accessibility page.