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Paperless Campus

Significant resources are utilized on campus to create, route, store, and search for paper documents. The Paperless Campus initiative was undertaken to minimize the waste associated with these practices by identifying and making available workflows and technologies designed to reduce the need to use paper as a medium for transferring information.


  • Support sustainability efforts by reducing the amount of paper used on campus.
  • Increase available space on campus by reducing physical storage for existing and future campus documents.
  • Increase efficiency and cost savings through reduction in printing, scanning, and faxing volume; reduced turnaround times; and automated workflow processes.  
  • Drive capability for analysis and remapping of existing workflows and naturally distilling information.
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance through error proofing functionality, version control, and information security.
  • Provide the ability to route documents to multiple recipients, build customer forms, and sign documents from mobile devices.
  • Digitize and archive documents, and enhance the ability to locate, sort, and share documents as appropriate.
  • Improve document security and accessibility.
  • Reduce barriers to entry and provide scalable solutions to support both large and small groups.


The Paperless Campus program is designed to reduce and remove existing paper documents stored within each department’s physical repository. The University of Colorado Boulder has partnered with a vendor that specializes in high volume document scanning, including Microfiche and other non-traditional document formats. As part of the program, OIT is offering resources to help coordinate efforts and assist with the scanning service.

The program also outlines the evaluation of existing paper processes and workflows which will result in the implementation of electronic solutions. OIT has partnered with the Office for Performance Improvement and University Information Systems to provide a comprehensive set of management practices, tools and common good services and applications to ensure departments have the support and solutions they need.


The program provides a set common good services and applications with no direct costs to the individual or department. Some vendor costs may be associated with high volume document scanning.


How to participate

The Paperless Campus initiative is currently at capacity. We will update this page when we are able to accommodate new requests. 

For questions about ongoing requests, please contact the IT Service Center at