Canvas - Create a Course

Last Updated: 08/28/2019
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This tutorial is operating system independent.


This tutorial shows the process for creating a Canvas Course from your MyCUInfo Dashboard. You may need to change your browser settings to allow pop-ups to complete the course creation process. 

Note: This process is not supported in Internet Explorer 11. 


Log in to MyCUInfo and go to the course you would like to create a course for in Canvas. From the Course Specific Tools, select Create Online Course.

Note: Due to a MyCUInfo Known Issue, you may need to clear your cache in order to see Canvas course create options.


Your course information should be displayed. Make any needed changes to the course title and dates, then click Continue

*Note: Be sure to set your course start and end date to reflect the dates you wish for students to access to the course.


While the course is being created, you will see this in-process window. This will automatically close once the course is created.


You will see a confirmation that your course has been created. From this window you can select: 

  • Close to return to MyCUInfo
  • Request Changes to combine courses and add participants
  • Go to Canvas to log in to Canvas and begin working in the Course

*Note: You can request changes to a course at any time after creation during the current term. Use the Canvas - Request Course Changes tutorial to learn how. 


If your course has multiple sections, they will be automatically combined during the create course process. Click the View combined sections link to view all sections included in this course.

*Note: The View combined sections link is not shown for single section (basic) courses.