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Microsoft Teams - Change Notifications

Use this tutorial to edit your notifications preferences in Teams. Please note: This tutorial shows how to edit notifications in the desktop app, but the process is the same in the browser version and similar on mobile. For more information, visit Microsoft's Manage Notifications in Teams page.

Visit the CU Boulder YouTube channel to watch a video tutorial of this process.

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Known Issue - Calls not affected by notification settings

OIT is aware of a known issue affecting notifications not blocking Calls. Until this issue is resolved, we recommend setting your status to Do not disturb to prevent calls from ringing during a meeting or class. 


In the top of the teams client left of your profile photo, click the three dot menu and select Settings.


The general settings window will open. Click Notifications


Email notifications

Email notifications will send you an email with a summary of all missed or unread notifications at an interval you choose, or you can turn this off. 


Appearance and Sound 

  • Notification Style: Choose whether you'd like the in-app teams tone or one from your device. 
  • Show message preview: Select whether you'd like to see a preview of the content in a notification (e.g. What a colleague is saying if they send you a chat). 
  • Play sound for incoming calls and notifications: Toggle on to enable an audible notification. 


Teams and Channels 

Set what activity notifications in Teams and Channels you see

  • All activity will send you notifications for any activity in all teams and channels you are in. 
  • Mentions and replies will send you notifications only if you are mentioned directly or someone replies to your post or comment. 
  • Custom allows for more specific selections (see next step).


Teams and Channels - Custom 

The Custom page allows you to choose if and where notifications about Teams and Channels activity show up. You can choose only the Activity feed, getting a banner notification and in the activity feed or turning notifications off. 



Choose how you'd like notifications for activity in chat for the following:

  • @mentions are when someone directly tags you
  • Messages are for all chat messages sent by others
  • Likes and reactions are when someone reacts to a message you send (e.g. a thumbs up icon)


Meetings and Calls 

Choose how you'd like notifications for activity in meetings or calls: 

  • Mute notifications during meetings and calls - toggle this on to mute notifications during these times. This works for meetings you are invited to as well as meetings you set yourself on your calendar. 
  • Meeting started notification - Enable a banner to alert you when other attendees have started a meeting. 
  • Meeting chat notifications - You can choose to mute meeting chat with this setting.



Use the search bar to follow other's status and get notified when they appear Available or Offline.



Choose to get notified if others in your contacts start using teams.