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YuJa Video Platform


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YuJa is a video management platform that allows instructors and students to record, upload and edit video content. The YuJa platform also provides additional features such as in video quizzing and automated AI generated closed captioning.


How to get it

YuJa is fully integrated in the Canvas LMS.  To access YuJa visit your Canvas course page and click ‘YuJa Media’ on the left hand navigation bar.

Please Note: Instructor will need to enable the “YuJa Media” button on the navigation bar.


Features & Benefits 

YuJa will be replacing the current Kaltura platform. By switching enterprise video vendors, we expect users to benefit from the following enhanced features of the YuJa Video Platform:

Improved content management functionality

  • A more intuitive user experience for instructors and students
  • Enhanced in-app video recording and editing interface
  • Multi-input content creation
  • Simplified in-video quiz tool

New features & tools

  • Video text overlays and telestrations
  • Video chapter indexing and in-video commenting
  • Caption translation for 29 number of languages

Enhanced security & accessibility

  • YuJa has achieved SOC 2 Type II designation with annual third-party auditing
  • Available automatic closed captioning with editing capability

Kaltura to YuJa Transition Details

The transition from Kaltura to Yuja will occur over the course of the next calendar year with a final transition date to occur during the fall 2024 semester. Content currently hosted through Kaltura will be copied over to Yuja in multiple phases, aligned with the semester schedule, and will still be available in the Kaltura platform throughout the transition. Video content will be available on both platforms through the fall 2024 semester. Access to Kaltura will end directly concluding the fall 2024 semester.

Find more information on the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Implementation Project page.

Resources & Support 

For additional technical assistance, contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-4357 or