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Reporting Abuse and Harassment Guidelines

Please read through this entire page to understand the guidelines for reporting email abuse or harassment. If you still choose to report your problem, send an email to the address that is linked at the bottom of this page.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) at the University of Colorado Boulder does not approve or support the sending of harassing email messages or unsolicited email by its users, and we will take appropriate action against our users if they commit these violations.

Information About Lodging Complaints

Please remember, if you suspect a crime is being committed, you need to report it to the appropriate law enforcement agency. This includes email threats against personal life or safety. ITS can only hold its users to its own policies for responsible use of its systems. It cannot get involved in law enforcement.

If you are complaining about a user who is not on a system, please send the complaint to the domain from which the message in question originated. To determine this, you will need to trace through the full header information. Usually, even if the headers have been forged, the information can be found in the 'Message-Id' or 'Received' fields.

When sending your complaint to us, please be sure to include the full, unedited content of the message in question, the full, unedited message headers, and a brief description of the problem. If all of this information is included, additional information should not be necessary. Sending us multiple examples of the same abuse will hamper our ability to deal with the situation quickly, not help us. Thank you!

Resolution of Complaints

You will not receive a reply unless we need more information from you. Also, please realize that we cannot report back on any action taken against any CU students due to privacy issues.

Review Acceptable Use of CU Boulder's IT Resources.

Report Abuse or Harassment

Send an email to: